Plugin Oven Launches

Twinpictures now has a page focused just on tasty fresh WordPress plugins. Free Plugins? Check. Premium Plugins? Check. Wicked Support? Bazinga! Please visit The Plugin Oven and fill your boots with fresh plugin goodness!

So take a look around. Everything is up and running smoothly and over the next days we will be migrating all of our WordPress plugins to The Plugin Oven. As always, you are warmly invited to engage us in conversation over on the Twinpictures Facebook page and follow @twinpictures on Twitter to keep updated—in 140 character chunks.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out The Plugin Oven, already.

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WordPress Plugin: Column-Matic

Column-Matic easily inserts columns into posts and pages by wrapping content with a snappy shortcode. Useful for sites with a magazine or newspaper style layout, the
Column-Matic shortcode wraps content in cozy columns. Content can also be separated so text and images display on opposite sides of the post or page.

Read the rest of WordPress Plugin: Column-Matic

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Longboard – Edelstahl Eiskufen

Oh Hell Yes!

Das sind Eiskufen. Aus rostfreiem Edelstahl gefertigt ersetzen sie Deine Longboard-Räder und schon kannst Du Ice-boarden, egal ob mit Long- oder Skateboard. Du brauchst weder besonderen Werkzeuge noch irgendwelche zusätzlichen Teile.

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WordPress SEO Checklist

A basic check-list to ensure a WordPress site is fully optimized for search engines. A standard WordPress install is actually quite good for SEO as it is—However, there are a few tips to maximize any SEO efforts.

  1. Original, quality, text-based content that is valuable to the reader
  2. .htaccess file exists and permissions set to 777 in the root directory
  3. Permalinks set to /%postname&/ or /%category%/%postname%/
  4. Install WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk
  5. Install Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Joost de Valk
  6. Install Redirection plugin by Urban Giraffe
  7. Optimize Title Meta Tags
  8. Optimize Description Meta Tags
  9. Optimize Image Alt and Title Tags
  10. Optimize Link Text
  11. XML Sitemaps
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Google Webmaster Tools
  14. Google Places
  15. 404 Redirects
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Wo der Yellowstone fließt

Technouin, Freund von Twinpictures und all-around Gentledude, Hunter Weeks, hat einen großartigen Film über die Reise mit einem Paddelboot entlang des Yellowstone Rivers gedreht. Mit 692 Meilen ist der Yellowstone der längste Fluß in den USA ohne Damm. Dieses beeindruckende Projekt braucht Deine Unterstützung, um es auf die große Leinwand zu bringen. Nur noch 3 Tage und $3.000 – auch der kleinste Beitrag hilft.

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T(-) Countdown Control

Extra! Extra! Read all about it:
T(-) Countdown Control has been released and is enjoying it’s new home at The Plugin Oven.

T(-) Countdown Control is a next-level countdown management and scheduling plugin for WordPress. This plugin includes all the features of the jQuery T(-) Countdown plugin, with the added ability to schedule recurring countdowns.

Change Log:

  • 1.0RC1 – Conflict issues with function names resolved.
  • .07a – Added launch page redirect option. (Good Idea Matt!)
  • .06a – Fixed bug with weekly recurring countdowns. (Thanks Reuben!)
  • .05a – Major overhaul of the scheduler. It just might actually work now.
  • .04a – Super optimized timer function. Recurring timers will auto-reset after cycle times out. Added .pot language file for localization.
  • .03a – Optimized timer/animation method. Fixed animation stacking on inactive tabs.
  • .02a – Script file now is inserted when only using the shortcode
  • .01a – Like a monkey, ready to be shot into space. Space monkey

Read the rest of T(-) Countdown Control

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Members [User Mod Remix]: WordPress Plugin

Members WordPress plugin by Justin Tadlock is a truly excellent plugin. In fact, it really should be worked into the WordPress core, as it greatly improves the user roles management/permissions features that are sadly lacking in the latest release of WordPress.

However, when it came to restricting access to a certain post/page/custom_post_type, Justin’s Members plugin was a bit restricted–only in that it allowed permission to be granted only to user roles and roles that contained the restrict_content capability. A more granular permission for individual users, regardless of which role they are a member of could not be set.

Presented for your consideration is a modified version of Members that allows this fine-tune permissions for specific users.

Hopefully, this ‘allow-user’ feature will be included in a future release of Justin’s original plugin. And Justin, if you are reading this, excellent plugin, just need a bit more love–hope you don’t mind us building on your giant shoulders.

Regardless, at least for now anyway, the plugin can be downloaded here, and we will link to the official updated plugin if ever the user permission feature is added.

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News Tick-O-Matic

Extra! Extra! Read all about it:
News Tick-O-Matic has been released and is enjoying it’s new home at The Plugin Oven.

Twinpictures is currently building a new WordPress Widget that will display an animated, scrolling news ticker in the sidebar.

News Tick-O-Matic Options

So far the basic widget options include:

  • Title
  • Category Name Filter
  • Category ID’s Filter
  • Total Number Posts
  • Trim Excerpt Words
  • Post Displayed
  • Pause Time
  • Animated Time

If you are the adventurous type, feel free to download the beta 2 version current release of the plugin. If you care to participate: feedback, feature requests and innovative cocktail recipes are always welcome.

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Annual Archive Widget

Annual Archive widget extends the default WordPress Archive sidebar widget by allowing daily, weekly, monthly or annual archives to be displayed. The widget can also display a list of posts ordered by date or alphabetically. Also included is a simple shortcode that will display an archive list on any post or page.

Annual Archive - Advanced Archive WordPress Widget


Why Use This Widget?

Good question. One reason might be that you have posts that pre-dates WordPress, the Internets… before Johannes Gutenberg, the invention of paper or even the wheel. That would be a seriously long list if archived by month.

Using the amazing Annual Archive widget could shrink that list by as much as twelve times! Just imagine all the sidebar space that saves for other widgets like a Countdown, or perhaps even a list of related attachments.

So, download Annual Archive from Twinpictures or WordPress today, and—depending on what type of calendar system is being used—cut that archive list by up to a factor of twelve.

Read the rest of Annual Archive Widget

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jQuery Collapse-O-Matic v1.3

jQuery Collapse-O-Matic version 1.3Die neue Version des Twinpicture jQuery Collapse-O-Matic Plugin für WordPress beinhaltet neue Nutzer-gewünschte Features. Alle Eigenschaften sind unten aufgelistet, inklusive der Shortcode-Liste für v1.3.:

Bis das Plugin offiziell veröffentlicht wird, kannst Du jQuery Collapse-O-Matic v1.3 von der Twinpictures Webseite herunterladen.

Basic Shortcode

[expand title="Trigger Text"]Target Content[/expand]

Trigger Text
Target Content

ID Attribute

[expand title="Pocket Calculator" id="kraftwerk"]Target Content[/expand]

Pocket Calculator
By pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody.

Wenn keine ID definiert ist, wird automatisch eine zufällige ID erstellt. Wenn die optionale ID definiert wurde, kann der ID Wert als URL Anker genutzt werden, um den Inhalt wie folgt zu erweitern:

Tag Attribut

[expand title="A Long Time Ago" tag="h4"]Target Content[/expand]

A Long Time Ago

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Das Tag Attribut überschreibt den vorgegebenen (default) Bereichs-Tag, welcher den Trigger Text beinhaltet.

Alt Attribut

[expand title="Imperial Starfleet" alt="Empire Strikes Back"]Target Content[/expand]

Imperial Starfleet
Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth.

Das alt Attribut definiert den Hover Text, welcher angezeigt wird, wenn man mit der Maus über den Titel geht. Wenn kein alt Attribut definiert wurde, zeigt der Hover Text den Titel.

Trigclass Attribut

[expand title="A New Hope" trigclass="highlight"]Target Content[/expand]

A New Hope
Episode IV, A NEW HOPE. It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

Das Trigclass Attribut erlaubt dem Nutzer eine Custom Class für den Tag, welcher den Text beinhaltet, zu definieren. Diese Class wird nach der benötigten collapseomatic Class, welche als “default” definiert ist, hinzugefügt.

Targclass Attribut

[expand title="The Empire Strikes Back" targclass="highlight"]Target Content[/expand]

The Empire Strikes Back
Episode V, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

Das Targclass Attribut erlaubt dem Nutzer eine eigene Class für das div Element, welches den Text umschließt, zu definieren. Diese Class wird nach der benötigten collapseomatic_content Class, welche als “default” definiert ist, hinzugefügt.

Rel Attribute

[expand title="Star Wars" rel="fiction"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Star Trek" rel="fiction"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Battlestar Galactica" rel="fiction"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Space Race" rel="history"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Ansari X Prize" rel="history"]Target Content[/expand]

Science Fiction

Star Wars

Alliance to Restore the Republic vs. Galactic Empire

Star Trek
United Federation of Planets vs. Klingon Empire vs. Romulan Star Empire vs. Cardassian Union vs. the Borg vs. the Dominion

Battlestar Galactica
Twelve Colonies vs. Cylon Empire

Pure Science

Space Race


Ansari X Prize
Scaled Composites vs. Many Others

Das Rel Attribut erlaubt es dem Nutzer erweiternde Elemente zu gruppieren. Das Ausklappen eines Gruppenmitglieds lässt die Teile einer anderen Gruppe automatisch zusammenklappen.

Rate & Vote

We are very happy to offer this plugin to this great community of open-source lovin’ WordPress users. Now go be a nice social netwookiee and visit the plugin page to rate the plugin. Don’t forget to let others know if everything worked for your configuration by voting in the compatibility section.

Blab To Others

Join the Twinpictures Facebook Page or hit us up on the Twitter. Post a nice video review, and we will be happy to include it on the Twinpictures YouTube Channel.

Flying Houseboat Fund

If this plugin really just floats-n-flys your boat, why not throw in a bean or two in the Twinpictures Flying Houseboat Fund!

The Flying Houseboat Project envisions an extremely efficient future flying abode, powered by sea and air. Click to embiggen.

Seaplane Sailing Yacht Concept by Yelken Octuri

Makani-M1 Airborne Wind Turbine Concept by Makanipower

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